• Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services

  • Outstanding system design

Pilar Energi has a proven reputation for taking the customer’s  exact needs and providing the perfect solution using  a blend of unmatched sector experience and the very latest  design technology.  


  • Perfect project management

Our project team expertly handles every stage of the process from  transportation to delivery and installation. Wherever your equipment  is needed – from the roof to the basement, in the desert or  offshore – we have the expertise to provide the perfect fit.  


  • Excellence in manufacturing

With excellent manufacturing partners operates lean and efficient  working practices, offering an excellent service to customers and  ensuring that their exact requirements go from design to a finished  product of the highest standard in quality and reliability.  


  • Expert installation & commissioning

The finest engineers will join your team on site to install and  commission your equipment, ensuring it is running smoothly  and training your team so that our total power solution meets  your needs from day one.  


  • Unrivalled support & maintenance

Pilar’s outstanding service and maintenance support is backed  by more than decade’s sector experience, with a national team of  more than 15 service personnel, access to a comprehensive parts  and spares archive and 24/7 expert help available.

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